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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 24, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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roger ails and regardless of where you stand and he is sharing it into buyinggraphy off camera. >> jon: just out a new book about roger ailes and getting some special attention like this like barack obama. how often does he play basketball and golf. i wish i had that kind of time. he is lazy but the media won't report that. i didn't come up with that obama said that to barbara walters. cnn embarrassed herself by trying to spin that has a racist comment that the words were echoing the president's own words. many in the liberal media reacted as expected but as the author points out they are not
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so liberal when it comes to accepting points of view. >> why is it the cultural left, you know, he drives them crazy. >> well, i don't know. i think he doesn't drive me crazy. it's more of a question how much tolerance people have for other points of view. roger is so direct and can be abrasive a and at times he is intentionally abrasive. he likes to pull people's chains. he told me a couple of times, i'm not a pudger but i'm a countered puncher. that certainly the way he sees himself, under assault by the cultural elite. when people fight back, they are controversial and roger is tough fighter. >> jon: he did build fox news
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channel into number one. tough being on top. everybody is trying to bring you down. thanks to our panel and i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel see you next week for another edition of fox news watch >>. >> heather: hello. i'm heather childers and welcome to brand-new hour. >> i'm rick folbaum in for gregg jarrett. spring wiped out by another major snowstorm that headed east. janice dean. >> heather: and nra holding firm on the universal background checks even though that polls
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most americans support it. we'll take a fair and balanced look at that at the debate. >> it's been a wild week in college basketball. upsets and what could become a record-breaking n.b.a. winning streak. that is straight ahead. >> rick: let's begin with the financial alert. last ditch effort in cyprus to reach a balanceout deal that might save banks from collapse and only hours before wall street opens for business. they are watching for a financial disaster that could throw another monkey wrench into the world recovery and possibly hert everybody. greg palkot is streaming live from cyprus. >> the economic state of this country could be decided in the next several hours, europe and the united states is watching much of the action right now is happening up in brussels.
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the cnt is meeting with officials and trying to thrash out their portion of $20 billion bailout to keep the country from going bankrupt. there are reports that the cyprus president threatened to resign and levy on bank accounts and 20% on big depositors and other demands including the main bank assuming billions and billions of dollars worth of debt. we went around today the capital of the country and it felt a bit like the calm before the storm despite the banks have been closed for a week and they are set to reopen on tuesday with fears of runs on the banks. how much money could be taken out of atm if they had any money to give up. the deadline is to to come up with a deal is monday. if that dewill is not met, this country could face with economic
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collapse with a lot of potential with problems with the euro. business, economics and strategic and obviously what happens in europe could have an affect in the united states as well. that is why we are watching. we'll keep you updated. >> chris: we appreciate that. >> rick: we appreciate that. >> heather: on a surprise trip to iraq john kerry has a message for the iraqi government saying iraq should not allow iran to fly african-americans and spiders to the war there. the secretary pushing iraq leaders to end sectarian violence. steve is joining us live from washington with more on this story. >> reporter: the central issue here is whether iraq's president the prime minister, that is, a
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she'ite muslim is helping to support the assad regime in syria. now, secretary kerry met with iraqi president nouri al-maliki during a visit in baghdad today. those iranian flights were at the top of the agenda. they had what kerry described as a spirited discussion. here is the secretary. >> anything that supports president assad is problematic and you i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iran are in fact helping to sustain president assad and his regime. >> reporter: the u.s. believes the iranian aircraft flying over iraq are carrying weapons to arm the syrian government but tehran says they are delivering only humanitarian aid there. they wanted to force the planes
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for inspections but only a few have been checked. >> i think the intent here by going public is to increase the pressure on al-maliki but the whole incident how minimal influence is on the regime in iraq and how minimal our ability to affect the conflict in syria has become. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the flights are taking place just about every day. kerry says the u.s. congress is watching what kind of partner iraq will be in the future. >> heather: steve centanni, thank you. >> rick: breaking developments out of syria. the leader of the main opposition group resigning saying he is disappointed over the lack of help from the international community. leland vittert has more from the middle east bureau. >> the iraqis are giving the wink, wink, nudge, nudge here so
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iranians can fly into supplies and even soldiers. for a long time the u.s. are pressuring iraq but the fact they are going public with intelligence they are trying to shame the rumbling kiss to stop the flights. fox news was the first to report the flights. they use cargo planes to fly into syria with anything that assad needs to keep killing his own people. what intelligence sources confirm this is video of the flights that are happen multiple times a week and reinforce a truck system the iranians have in place. iran helping syria is no nothing new but iraq is different. john kerry is arriving here. the fact they are making it public that pressure on the iraqis didn't work. on one hand it supported the
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attacks on assad and says the days are numbers. extremist groups are now a big part of the fight and the power vacuum in syria to help themselves to weapons and ammunition. >> syrian opposition is more fragmented. just today a top rebel leader resigned in frustration so if assad falls, the allies don't have any clear idea who would take over. >> rick: leland, thanks very much. >> heather: despite death threats former pakistani president is back in pakistan. he has been in self-imposed exile since resigning four years ago. the former president considering a possible political comeback despite charges he failed to provide proper security for the former prime minister who was assassinated. musharraf is seeing as an enemy
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by the taliban after the attacks of 9/11. >> rick: and back home now, the f.b.i. joining in the search for a missing ivy league student who was last seen on the campus of brown university. that is providence, rhode island. more than a week ago he has not been heard since. the search is expanded in the northeastern part of the country arthel nevil is live. >> arthel: that search for him continuing today as authorities expand the area to boston, new york, connecticut and philadelphia where he is from. the brown university student has been missing for eight days last spotted leaving his apartment in providence on saturday, march 16 about 11:00 in the morning, his girlfriend reported him missing 24 hours later. family friends and law enforcement have canvassed neighborhoods looking for any clues as to where he could have gone.
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high school cellphone and credit card and i.d. that police found in his room, his mother says they have no idea where her son might be. >> we really don't know where he is. we have an outpouring of support from the brown community, friends from home, relatives from all over the country. we really miss him and we want him back. >> arthel: the family helping with the search creating a twitter account and facebook page where they post updates. they have had 190,000 views since the page was set up. he is six feet tall, 130 pounds, wearing blue jeans and sports jacket. his glasses philadelphia eagles wool cap. his mother says he has struggled recently with depression, everyone who had contact with him before he disappeared did not find anything out of the ordinary.
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we spoke to sunil's sister earlier who said it's been very hard on the family. if you have any information please contact the providence police department. 401-272-3132. >> rick: let's hope for good news on that story. arthel, thanks very much. >> heather: switching gears, extreme weather pummeling the midwest and early spring snowstorm delaying flights as it moves across the country. this is a live look at kansas city, missouri basketball fans don't be worried. it didn't affect the ncaa men's tournament scheduled there. my heels are playing and janice, what do you think. they may not win because of the snow. >> are you going to blame the
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snow? >> heather: i will blame the snow. >> nice to be with you on the weekend. let's take a look at some of the snowfall we have seen from the late winter, early spring snowstorm. in colorado over a foot and a half. denver, close to 12 inches for you and kansas, 15 inches of snow. guess where it is headed across the mid-atlantic and northeast. let's take a look at the snow. kansas city is winding down for you. that is good news, st. louis you have seen a lot of snow in a very short period of time. qou see 5-8 inches of snowfall the upper-level low is centered across st. louis and indianapolis and ft. wayne through cincinnati across the ohio river valley. winter weather advisories posted for a dozen states. we have winter weather advisories just posted for philadelphia up to new york city. so st. louis still under a winter weather warning where we
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could see 5-8 inches. same thing with assistant national at this, pittsburgh five as much as for you philadelphia and southern new jersey look out, we could see good snow totals. severe side of this storm. tornado in orlando, florida, damage reported around the parks there, universal studios. we'll give you the latest, arnold palmer golf tournament had to be suspended. a lot of storms moving through the orlando area. we'll keep you posted on that. travel forecast, st. louis, indianapolis, louisville and up toward virginia, west virginia, new york, baltimore, depending on the track of the storm and how much cold air is pulled southward is going to give us the potential for slushy inches offer solid snow inches across the i-95 corridor. but the commute tomorrow will be
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messy. >> heather: we definitely tune into the updates throughout the evening. thank you. >> rick: the debate over same-sex marriage front and center in washington this week. the supreme court preparing to hear two key cases on the subject and their rulings will have legal and financial implications that should be felt across the country. peter doocy has the story in d.c. >> reporter: here some n washington there is know in the forecast but that hasn't stopped the formation of a line on the cold sidewalk in front of the supreme court even though arguments in the highly anticipated marriage equality cases don't start until tuesday when the constitutionality of california's 2008 boong gay marriage, prop 8 will be argued. then wednesday, justices will hear about the defense of marriage act, 1996 law saying federal agencies must define marriage between one man and one woman. supporters of traditional marriage are already warning about cultural changes that
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could accompany laws that permit same-sex marriage. >> it's about altering all of society. with marriage goes what our children are taught, parents losing the right to define the morals for our children. it's about religious freedom. two are intertwined and conduct your business as you see fit. >> reporter: support for legal same-sex marriage has grown but the latest poll shows less than half 49% of registered voters now favor it. still one attorney arguing for marriage equality that week is predicting a win for his side. >> the constitutional right to marry is well established. in fact the supreme court has ruled that you can't take away the right to marry even from imprisoned felons. you can't take it away from those people because it's so important, such a fundamental right of liberty. >> reporter: we don't expect a ruling in either case until june. >> rick: peter doocy in washington, thanks very much. >> heather: coming up a growing
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number of college students now saying no to plastic. we're talking about credit cards and coming up why so many deciding to ditch their credit cards and that is not necessarily a good thing. >> rick: new concerns for the president, find out which key issue is causing him to lose ground to republicans and what it could mean for the 2014 midterm elections. >> heather: plus, results from the $338 million powerball drawing. they in are in but only one ticket managed to get all six numbers. >> rick: you didn't buy it because you are here. >> heather: did you win? >> rick: i didn't buy a ticket. >> heather: we'll tell you where it was sold up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ly knows
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines, marines identifying the gunman behind thursday's deadly shooting n at quantico. sergio lopez a 25-year-old instructor. he gunned down two of his
1:22 pm
colleagues, one male and one female inside the barracks before taking his own life. no word on a positive motive. >> in southwest florida they found the bodies of a skydiver and student. and chinese military holding a live fire missile drill over the weekend. the drill testing a new weapons system reportedly improves anti aircraft missile defenses and allow radar better to lock on to targets. >> rick: new study shows a growing number of young ultimate adults are deciding not to get credit cards. 30% of undergrads have credit cards that is down from 50% from 2010 and that sounds safe financial move it could hurt young adults and economy as a whole. brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears." i guess it's a story here is that young people are avoiding
1:23 pm
debt and not getting sort of themselves mixed up in some of these predatory practices that young people have been the target in the past. so had a part of the story is good, right? >> absolutely. during the great recession everybody stopped using their credit cards but particularly those under 35. especially undergraduates as you brought up. in a sense that is good, whenever you hear from a personal financial expert, get some extra money, pay off your credit card debt, but having no credit and misusing credit are two different things and could have potentially difficult implications for our economy and for these young adults. >> rick: i remember my mother telling me, go and get one credit card, buy something you need but get your books and put it on the card and then pay it
1:24 pm
off in full. that is the way to start establishing a good credit? >> who is your mom. eileen -- that is good advice to your son. that is exactly what you do. you need to have a credit card. you can't avoid them overall. a lot of young adults are thinking i can't get a job, they are buried in student debt so they don't want to take on extra debt. get one credit card. pay it off every month. try to get one with no annual fee and buy something that you need. then you establish a credit history. if you don't, you don't have a credit history you can't get loans, you can't get credit. so you won't able to get a mortgage. you won't be able to get a car loan. you need to start building it up over time. just don't misuse it. implications for the economy you can't buy a house, you can't buy a car. where is the engine of growth
1:25 pm
for our economy, it's consumer's and if younger adults -- consumers and younger adults cut out of the markets it's going to put the brakes on the economy. >> rick: what happens if you avoided getting a credit card and you want to get a mortgage, you wanted to buy yourself a townhouse and take out a loan? >> you end up paying a lot more. you have a higher interest rate. these people are ones that don't necessarily have bad credit. >> rick: they don't have any. >> there are things that are changing, they are some rating agencies are using rented and utilities and other bills from smaller landlords, for example. if you pay your rent on time, that traditionally isn't always counted. >> rick: there are some companies that have set up a way for people to take a thin credit
1:26 pm
history and expand it so they have something to show? >> exactly. william paid, bill paid and if you automatically deduct your rent payments from your bank account they will said that on to the credit agency and it will show you pay your rent every month. so i pay your bills all the time but it doesn't show up in your credit history. >> rick: bottom line. >> listen to eileen. >> rick: use a credit card wisely and pay it off and don't carry a balance. >> absolutely. eileen is my new hero. >> rick: catch brenda on "bulls and bears" 10:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up, it is deja-vu as as the earth opens up
1:27 pm
again, a sinkhole in the exact same place last month. >> rick: also president obama taking a hit in the polls over the economy. what gives? our political panel breaks it all down coming up next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> rick: half past this hour on palm sunday. powerful spring storm hammering parts of the midwest. take a look at kansas city, dropping up to nine inches of snow and now that system is moving east. >> heather: nearly 250,000 worshipers pack go into st. peter's square to mark the start of easter celebrations this palm sunday. newly elected pope francis urged
1:32 pm
people to be hum zblbl and single ticket in new jersey, only grand prize winner, $338 million powerball. new jersey lottery is expected to release more details about the winner tomorrow. >> heather: that would be nice. >> new concerns over the president's handling of the u.s. economy. the number crunching blog finding that he is losing his advantage over gradual republicans. what is going on? fox news contributor, julie radinsky, advisor to frank lautenberg and ron, communications director for speaker hastert. i want to bring that poll up. take a closer look at the numbers. this is across the board. the abc "washington post" poll,
1:33 pm
52% disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy. bloomberg, 49% disapprove the pew poll, down 15 percentage points with 56% disapproval rating. and cbs down 4 percentage points and fox news poll, 55% disapprove. julie, i want to start with you, why do you think the president's numbers are falling? >> first and foremost, people are fed up with what is going on in washington. the numbers are still better than the republicans but note great numbers because people are disgusted with the gridlock we've had an election, things would get resolved and they haven't. they are blaming both houses. >> heather: look at the numbers across the board and i'm not sure numbers i had since
1:34 pm
december the president's standing has declined roughly 10 percentage points while republicans in congress have gained 4-5 percentage points. >> they are still below him. that is my point. bottom line, people don't like either side. republicans are pretty much rock bottom. they are slightly better than rock bottom. you would not want a republicans to have the same -- if you are republican you are not happy with the poll numbers. other point was essentially look his numbers are back to median they were before the election and election gives goodwill and height of the political season and that is to be expected in a town where people are fed up. >> heather: ron, why do you think the president's numbers are falling albeit just slightly republican numbers are rising four or 5 percentage points? >> i think the president promised to handle the economy before the election and after
1:35 pm
the election he kept campaigning against republicans trying to destroy the republican party on a permanent campaign and during that time you see gas prices rising. you see food prices rising. republicans have been forcing the president to face reality. the senate to pass a budget. they have forced spending cuts. they are not moving on tax increases and the president has become forced to try to deal with republicans now soe they can come to some consensus how to move forward. that is why you see republicans moving up. they are showing leadership while the president was showing a permanent campaign basis. >> heather: i want to talk about the likeability factor of president obama. he is on this charm offensive. do you think that perhaps he is seeing the numbers that have
1:36 pm
been recently released the pew research center talking about his overall likeability. 47% of americans say they approve of president obama that is down four points from last month and 8 points since last december. i know you said, julie, that is not abnormal, that does happen during a second term. they go up and all of a sudden they go down but president obama's numbers have dropped more steeply than his predecessor. what do you make of that? >> look, people are fed up with what is going on in washington. when they voted, they said, look we'll resolve a lot of things. now go ahead and get it done, mr. president. he can't get it done because the republicans won't allow him to get it done. at the end of the day, people don't want to hear the blame game anymore. we are tired of hearing why it's not happening. he tried to blame it on
1:37 pm
republicans the sequester and you saw the numbers reflect that go people weren't buying it. he is reverting and saying going on a charm offensive and outlying a different tact because at the end of the day, i truly think they gave him a mandate. he has not been able to fulfill it. at the same time people don't care anymore, they want it done. >> heather: ron, you get the final word. we only have 20 seconds left. do you think people don't like him? >> i the president has not been able to lead on the economy, he warned the sky was falling in the sequester, that didn't happen and he went on a permanent campaign against republicans trying to destroy them. that will make sure your poll numbers will go down and food and gas prices are going up, that won't confidence and increase likeability at all. >> heather: ron and julie, thanks so much.
1:38 pm
>> go, tarheels. >> the head of the nra speaking firmly against universal background checks. vast majority of americans including most gun owners support these checks. nra's reason for why they should not exist. >> heather: plus, tiger woods, getting his groove back, making a strong push to regain his title as the top golfer in the world. this and other sports stories that made for a wild march straight ahead. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>>. >> heather: can you believe this another sinkhole opening up in florida in the same town where a crater swallowed jess bush. his body never recovered. and now the ground gave way between two houses. hole is estimated to be about
1:43 pm
eight feet across and ten feet deep. >> the sinkhole i went to tell my dad. i know someone might get hurt. >> everybody was very nervous but this is my house. >> heather: scary stuff. officials say as of now the houses are not in danger but both have been evacuated as a precaution. >> rick: switching gears, in this month is shaping up to be a sport' fan dream. the miami historic win streak and tiger woods fighting to regain his ranking as the number one golfer in the world. joining us to talk about this sportscaster, jim gregg. good to talk to you. let's talk basketball, even folks that don't pay attention to college basketball started watching when the calendar turns over to march. this march madness is living up
1:44 pm
to the hype. >> it's unbelievable. everybody tunes in because every part of the country is involved. only place that didn't have a team involved is texas but they played some games down there so they are involved hosting games. it's incredible. all these upsets and number one teams gonzaga went down, indiana with seven minutes left in the game, number one seed is being pushed. they are losing to temple. it's incredible what has gone in this tournament. there are so many teams that feel they can win this thing. we're going to get to the 3-simplify and there will be 16 teams. >> i have a lot of friends, brackets they had to throw out the window when georgetown went down from a small school in florida. what happened? >> florida gulf coast, a lot of people didn't know where it was, they had to look it up. it's in fort myers. you can't tell.
1:45 pm
it's unpredictable and goes to speak what has gone on in college basketball. first of all very few teams stay together for four years so it's impossible to pick them. every team that has ascend today number one has gone on to lose they work their way back up or don't work their way back up. some of the teams including kentucky didn't make it into the tournament they won the national championship last year. >> rick: that is what makes it so exciting. personal pitch for syracuse orange that won last night. they play the winner of the temple game that is going on right now. let's move over -- there you go shall lebron james and the fellows down in miami they got a game tonight. they are on pace to win the most consecutive games in n.b.a. history. how special is what they are doing?
1:46 pm
>> this was supposed to be one of untouchable records 33 straight settle by lakers, a team with wilt chamberlain and jerry west. if they win tonight they are looking for 26 against charlotte. then they will go on the road for four games and two of them will be very difficult. orlando lost by one point in the streak to miami. they will go to orlando and tough game as you take a look against chicago. that seems to be very tough but toughest will be on the 31st against shown. they are the top team in the against san antone know. if you go back to november. san antonio played and he didn't want them to play. he was fined $250,000 so this will have a special meaning that will be the barrier. that will be the great wall. they will stop them or i believe they will go on and beat the
1:47 pm
record. >> rick: dwyane wade is sitting out tonight's game. he has some kind of ankle problem but the record is on the line tonight so folks will be watching that. let's shift gears. >> and also against charlotte. >> heather: that is my home team. >> rick: you are upsetting my co-anchor. >> let's talk tiger. they had to suspend the tournament this morning after only a couple of holes because of the weather but tiger is ahead. what is going on. is he officially back? >> absolutely. he has won five tournaments of the last 19 that he has played. in this season alone he has won three times. this will be number four. he is rounding into shape. he will go back to being number one golfer in the world after not being there 29 months if he wins this tournament. when you take into account scandal started back in 2009 on
1:48 pm
thanksgiving and all the injuries he has had, he is back in full force. this will be his 77th win if he can hold on to the lead. only thing that could stop him is tornado or hurricane or whatever the 60 mile-an-hour winds in orlando. he is oh a roll. >> rick: he is on right now. jim gray, thank you very much for your time. >> heather: can you ask him. bearing in mind that you upset me over the bobcats. what about your pick over carolina and kansas today? >> kansas is higher ranked team and carolina has struggled this year, i would go, i'm going against you again. i hate to do that. >> heather: no love. >> i love terry richardson i am a big charlotte guy. i love a lot of people down there a fact is fact. don't be mad at me.
1:49 pm
bobcats have been awful the past two years. worst record in the history of the league. >> rick: thank you, jim gray. good to see you. >> heather: coming up a red hot rhetoric in ongoing debate in gun control. with the head of the nra scrambling universal background checks, is eight bad idea? panel is back with round two of the debate up next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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1:53 pm
>>. >> heather: welcome back. new developments in the gun control debate. a fox news poll showing that most americans rank universal background checks first among proposals to reduce gun violence. nra ceo making it clear the checks are not bad idea. >> it's a dishonest premise. there is not a bill on the hill that provides a universal check. criminals aren't going to be checked. they aren't going to do this. >> heather: joining us eleanor ratner and ben ferguson. thank you for joining us. i'm going to start with you. ladies first. we took a look at the poll, 85%
1:54 pm
of people polled they favor the universal background checks. why are we debating this if 85% are in favor? >> i think wayne has had a position for years. i've known him for years and he hasn't changed his position. you have a million people that have failed background checks in the last 14 years. that is a lot of people. there is no reason why we shouldn't do it. we have technology to do background checks. >> heather: what is the concern? >> i think one of the biggest concerns for me is false sense of security mainly the same reason we have school free gun zones. remember, every school is going to be safe because we have a gun free zone. that is is not working out either. when we put resources and time and money toward the universal background checks me giving a gun to my grandfather instead of background checks on mental health that would have an impact
1:55 pm
that is where i think our money should go. that is part of the issue. this only helps people that play by the rules. there is lot of people that don't play by the rules including one that point a gun at my head and shot at me from five feet away. he wasn't -- a background check didn't apply to him and it wouldn't apply to the other guy that also had a gun. the point i want to make, let's have laws that actually make a difference and impact. the same reason why gun free zones aren't working. they don't work because there are bad guys that don't have intention of playing by the rules. >> heather: what did you mean background check did not apply to him because he was a criminal? >> yes. he was a criminal already -- criminals don't go in to get fingerprints. guy that shot at me had already been disqualified from owning a gun, not once but twice because two different times he was actually charged with aggravated armed robbery and convicted of
1:56 pm
aggravated armed robbery and got four years in jail on each offense so congress should back up the laws we currently have on the books. there were 20 laws broken in littleton, kro. more than a hundred laws -- the answer is no. >> you are not being logical. there will be people that fall through the cracks. there will be bad guys that figured out how to evade the background checks but it will alert people when certain people should not be buying guns. it is going to alert the f.b.i., that is very important. >> heather: right now apparently senator joe mansion who is gun owner himself is in talks with the nra to try to come up with sort of compromise agreement. part of the issue he says is exactly how will these
1:57 pm
background check lists, where will they be held. how will people have access to them? >> right now there is big question whether they should happen and whether they do happen at gun shows which they usually don't. the issue is bringing that into the fold. that may solve some of our problems. it's not going to solve all of them. you will get a lunatic finding a way around it but a national. >> heather: national registry? >> that is where people are concerned. i'm okay if you have background checks if you have them at gun shows, but to have a universal background check, it's a waste of dollars and false sense of security when the consistency that we do see in these shootings that we all continue to talk about, whether it be colorado, whether it be tucson
1:58 pm
with gabrielle giffords or newtown. where is the background checks for mental health. that something i'm in favor of. if congress doesn't have the mind set to deal with mental health why would i trust them on other laws? they are obsessed with the talking points universal gun checks are going to fix the world's problems. the same way they said gun free zones at schools are going to fix the problems. play by the rules. >> national background check without having a national registry? >> i think you need both. listen, i'm a person that beliefs we outlaw things in football. i'm at the other end of the spectrum. >> heather: thank you for joining us. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
1:59 pm
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>>heather: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's headquarters." >> top of the news, lucky break thousands of people brought yesterday's $330 million powerball drawing and the jackpot was won. >>heather: but not great us. >> and now the latest on the search for a young ivy league student missing since last
2:03 pm
weekend. danger zone, another sinkhole opens up and residents are on edge. we start with an extreme weather alert, spring doing a disappearing act as the snowstorm batters the midwest. this is st. louis on the left and kansas city on the right. now in massive storm is moving its way east. our meteorologist, janice dean, is live at the weather center. >> is suing suing the groundhog, punxsutawney phil? it doesn't fill like spring in minneapolis at 32 degrees and kansas city, 32. 35 in chicago even dallas is 52 and 43 in memphis and 25 in denver where they got a foot of snow, the same system pressing east that could give us snow totals across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. winter storm warnings, over a
2:04 pm
dozen states are under a winter weather advisory with warnings including st. louis and cincinnati, around philadelphia area, central jersey, down the appalachians where we will get several inches of snow. our severe threat, then, a tornado warning an hour ago moved through the orlando area and confirmed reports of damage and 30,000 people across central florida without power. this is the same system that the cool front associated with the system is pushing on through so certainly we will make sure you are up on the weather conditions across central florida. this is the storm we will talk about. unfortunately, it is moving into the mid-atlantic and the northeast tonight into tomorrow. rain and snow is moving in the region and potentially heavy depending on its track and where the cold air is in place. that will be the difference between a lushy few inches to, certainly, five or eight inches of snow. here is one of our forecast models. champaign, illinois, through
2:05 pm
cincinnati, at three inches to six inches. there will be some areas at 6 to 12 inches and around the washington, dc area, the potential for significant snow depending on where the storm sets up to philadelphia and new york, you could certainly get several inches of slushy snow. the bottom line, i-95 cordon on the commute in, that is going to be messy. >> i love you but we are not having you back on again. >> spring will arrive next week. i think. >> we are waiting. >> are you holding me to it in >>heather: we will take it. tough talk from secretary of state john kerry to iraq maying it clear iraq should not allow iran to use its airspace to ship arms and fires to syria for the bloody civil war making that statement during the surprise visit to iraq today. and now we are joined live from washington, dc, with the latest.
2:06 pm
steve? >> the united states is worried that iraq is helping syria's regime of assad. john kerry voiced concerns about the flights of iranian planes suspected of carrying weapons to the syrian government which fly over iraqi airspace without being challenged. kerry had a spirited discussion, he said, on the issue and suggested that the united states and iraqi relations will hinge on their response. >> i made it clear there are members of congress and people in america who increasingly are watching what iraq is doing and wondering how it is that a partner in the efforts for democracy --. (inaudible). >> okay. siria's assad has held firm against the two year rebel uprising and believes he is propped up by iranian weapons
2:07 pm
delivered in the planes that fly over iraq just about every day. iran says the planes are delivering humanitarian aid but the u.n. wants them stop for inspections in iraq before they continue to syria, and some see this is part of an american failure to suspectfully confront iran. >> fundamentally this is not a syria problem. this is an iran problem. what has impeded the administration's policy for the last two years since the conflict in syria began is an unwillingness to take on iran. that's the source of the trouble. that's where the key support for the assad regime comes from. >> there is no immediate indicate iraq will crackdown on the iranian flights. >>heather: steve, thank you from washington, dc. >> syria's western-backed opposition is reportedly in disarray after the president resigned early today in a surprise announcement saying he was frustrated with the
2:08 pm
international community and the opposition body itself. analysts say the chaos threatens to undermine the group's bid to unite forces against president assad and could also hamper support from the united states and other countries. >>heather: despite death threats, former pakistani president is back in pakistan. he is arriving this morning under heavy security. he has been in self-imposed exile since resigning more than four years ago. the former president is considering a possible political come back despite charges that he failed to provide proper security for the former prime minister who was assassinated. he is seen as an enemy by the taliban for siding with the united states after the attacks of 9/11. >> a debate over simpson-bowles -- over same-sex marriage is front and center before the supreme court with rulings that will have legal and financial implications felt across the
2:09 pm
country. peter doocy reports from washington. >>peter: in washington, dc, there is snow in the forecast but there is a formation of a line on the cold sidewalk in front of the supreme court even though arguments in the highly anticipated cases do not start until tuesday when the constitutionality of california's 2008 ban on gay marriage will be argued and on wednesday, the justices hear arguments of defensive marriage act that says that federal agencies must define marriage as between a man and a woman. supporters of traditional marriage are warning about cultural changes that could accompany laws that permit same-sex marriage. >> it is about altering all of society. >> with marriage goes what our children are taught, parents losing the right to define the morals for children, it is about religious freedom. they are interwined in our culture and it is about right to conduct your business. >> support for legal same-sex
2:10 pm
marriage has group but the latest poll shows 49 percent, less than half, of registered voters favor it. but one attorney arguing for the equality is predicting a win for his side. >> the constitutional right to marry is well established and you cannot take away the right to marry even from imprisoned felons who cannot have any procreation because they cannot get together. you and not take it appear because it is so important and such a fundamental right of liberty. >> we do not expect a ruling in either case until june. rick? rick: thank you, peter, from washington, dc. >>heather: clean up crews working through the weekend in south bend, indiana, a week after a private plane crashed into a residential neighborhood, tearing down two homes that were destroyed. they still need more time to clear up all the rest of the debris. the crash happened on sunday and badly damaged a third home with
2:11 pm
wreck average and jet fuel. 250 residents were forced to leave their home. the crash also killed two men including steve davis, a former quaterback for the university of oklahoma who led the team to national championships in 1974 and 1975. >> another dangerous sinkhole opening up in florida, in the same town where a massive crater swallowed 37-year-old jeff bush when the floor of his bedroom gave way. his body has still not been found. the ground is splitting again, between two houses. listen to the terrified residents. >> i was scared. i was scared that maybe something could happen like the other sinkhole. >> i am nervous because this is my house. >> what a scary situation. officials say as of now the houses are not any danger but
2:12 pm
both have been evacuated as a precaution. >> a massive search underway right now for a missing ivy league college student who was last seen walking around on his campus at brown university in providence, rhode island, more than a week ago. the friends and family are canvassing the area. we are live in new york city with the latest on this story. >> now the f.b.i. has joined the search for sunny, expanding the search area to boston, new york, connecticut, and philadelphia, which is where he is from. the brown university student has been missing for eight days, last spotted leaving his apartment in providence, rhode island, on saturday march 16 around 11:00 in the morning. his girlfriend reported him missing 24 hours later. family and friends and law enforcement have canvassed neighborhoods looking for any clues as to where he could have gone but dead his cell phone,
2:13 pm
his credit cart and i.d. that police found in his room, his mother says that they have no idea where her son might be. >> we really don't know where he is. we have an outpouring of support from the brown community, friends from home, relatives from all over the country, we really miss him. we want him back. >> his family is helping with the search creating a twitter account that a facebook page where they post updates. they have had 190,000 views since the page was set up. sunil is 6' tall and weighs 130 pounds. he was wearing an eastern mountain sports jacket and classes and philadelphia eagles wool cap. his mother says that although he has struggled recently with depression, everyone who had contact with him before he disappeared did not find anything out of the ordinary. we have spoken to sunil's sister
2:14 pm
who said it has been really hard on the family. if you have any information regarding sunil, please contacts the providence police department at 401-272-3121. >>heather: thank you for that report. rick: and someone is going to be living on easy street after a single ticket wins the powerball bought in new jersey but who really gets the money when lottery fever hits? >>heather: that will be fun. president obama's poll numbers going down. why the slump? our insiders will take a look. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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>>heather: one person or one lucky team of people in new jersey about to get a whole lot richer, a single winning powerball ticket was sold for the $338 million jackpot. when big prizes are online and lottery fever sweeps the country, who else profits from the mega paydays? joining us now is senior business correspondent anchor of "bulls and bears." thanks for sticking around.
2:19 pm
this is a fun topic, everyone would like to win the lottery, $338 million but before we talk about what we would do if we won, you know other people benefit. the states, obviously. >> it is a huge windfall for the states in 2012 $42 billion was paid out to lottery winners but $20 billion in profit and with states states so cash trapped that helps their budgets immensely. health it goes to different things based on the state, education, general fund. >> new york and california, 100 percent goes to education. most of it is to -- pennsylvania all to senior citizens. veterans affairs, that teach thing. there are some states, like rhode island, where it can go into the general fund and the state can use it as its session. as i said, they have plenty of
2:20 pm
things to spend it on now. >>heather: so, do you think more states will consider having the lottery? >> they don't have any money. they are either going to raise taxes which is not popular at all or cut spending and they are doing all of those things. this has proven to be such a huge money maker for states. it's $20 billion more in just a few years they is earned. it is a lot of money. >>heather: you mention the payout of $4 2 billion in prize money and that was included because we were all offer it, and the payout included $587 million powerball jackpot in 2012 and now we have $338 million and already this year in 2013. >> but the winners do not get all that money. uncle sam takes his and it depends whether you take a lump sum. 80 percent choose the lunch sum because they think they can invest it and make more money.
2:21 pm
if you don't -- if you take the lump sum you get hatch of what the payout is and taxes take about of what of that, so, say, it is $10 million you get about $2.5 million. >>heather: if you give advice, to whoever won the lottery yesterday, what advice do you give them, lunch sum or individual pay outs? >> i think the lump sum is the way to go but people go crazy. they go crazy. >>heather: speaking of that, we only have 90 seconds, if you were to win the $338 million lottery and you can actually tweet us at home, what would you do with the money? >> i have never played the lottery in my life. i would take a trip a trip to antartica. >> i would buy a plane and a pilot and have a house on a beach somewhere and i would
2:22 pm
commute in to work every day. that is what i would do. still keep my job but commute with my private pilot and my plane. that is my idea. >> i am rethinking my plan. >>heather: rick, what would you do with the money? rick: give it all to charity. >>heather: you have a lot of kids going to college, that is charity. rick: college tuition. that's right. >> don't forget you can catch brenda on bulls & bears right here on fox. coming up next, schools trying to stay afloat reaching out to corporate america to keep their doors open. do big companies belong in the classroom? brand new polls showing how hillary clinton would do against potential republican rivals if she runs for the white house in 2016. our political insiders breakdown
2:23 pm
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>>heather: welcome back at the bottom of the hour. a spring blizzard is marching east after burying parts of the midwest and plain states. the massive storm dumping up to 15" of snow. secretary of state, john kerry, making an unannounced street iraq, telling the leaders to stop allowing iran to use its air space to fly in supplies to syria. the financial brink in cyprus trying to save the bank from collapse, causing european stocks to plunge last week, before the united states markets and world investors are watching
2:28 pm
closely. at home a growing number of schools face smaller budgets and turning to big business now making sponsorship deals with fortune 500 company in exchange for much needed cash but people argue that the corporations in the classroom are a bad mix. dominic is live from los angeles with more on this. dominic? >>reporter: this is a tough one, but as education budgets are shrink across the country, many are forced to find other sources to keep the doors open, and the example is the deal that united in sacramento struck with staples, kids attended a program for splashing brand on the supply list and threw in a coupon are as well the take a listen. >> what do the brands have to get out of this? fundamentally, their future workforce, our collective economic security, and what is good if schools is good for the
2:29 pm
brand, and good for the country. >> is it good for the country? critics say it will lead to a brain washed brand devoted population more enslaved than consumers society they have today and possibly even worse. >> there is a lost scientific evidence that advertising to children is a factor in many of the key problems facing children today from childhood obesity to sex and underage alcohol and tobacco use, a wide range of literature that links advertising to a number of problems. >> companies are prepared to cough you up decent chunks of money up to $10,000 to get in the schools. experiments have been trying but the concern is when the company logos end up on the doors or they allow corporate representatives to spend time with children inside the
2:30 pm
classroom and critics are warning that this could affect ability to develop critical thinking by one brand being so dominant in their world to prevent them from objectively considering an alternative. back to you, heather. >>heather: thank you, dock -- dominic, from california. rick? rick: as president obama winds down from the visit to the middle east, there are new concerns today over his approval rating at the white house. check out the results from the latest research poll that shows only less than half of all americans agree with the president's job performance, a decline from almost two years ago when the rating was at an all-time high. what is going on? we have our policemen insiders, john leboutillier on the far left, former republican congressman from new york, pat caddell is a fox news contributor and form pollster with president jarred and doug schoen a fox news contributor and former pollster for former
2:31 pm
president clinton. glad to see you, gentleman. doug, each month since the second inauguration, he has seen the president's numbers go down. >> first, political gridlock is starting to way on the president's numbers. the sequester which he thought would be a political benefit has hurt and there is a larger sure, our economy still is not providing the robust growth and economic revital savings and job creation we need and despite a good trip to the middle east and reaffirming our ties to israel the president is sinking. the numbers, actually, on the economy which were 15 or 18 points ahead of the republicans are now dead even. >> my theory is that he is hurt about the sequester. he went out, look, i have been saying regularly, and john reminds in to say it, i don't
2:32 pm
ever remember a president going out of his way to try to hurt people whether it is the white house tours he won't have, and the democrats have a cheap chance to vote to restore the white house tours and they, 57 of them voted no, what are they doing? each day when biden goes to paris and spends $600,000 for one night in a hotel rather than stay at the embassy, it is against that backdrop. now the next one is closing down the airports and now they are going to inflict as much pain, it is almost the president's view i will hurt you until you do what i want politically. i think people are reacting to that and i tell you the other issue is abottom care. what is happening with the employers and individuals, the explosion of all the stuff that people didn't buy into and now we saw a report that more doctors than ever are retiring, all of this, i think, is taking its toll. >> it is not like everyone is
2:33 pm
sending valentine's to the fellow republicans, because their numbers are low but they are keeping up. >> not much but the president is declining, a perfect opportunity for the republicans to step in and seize the day with a positive message of what they would do to fix the economy. instead, last week, all we heard about the republicans was their own autopsy, great term, about the 12 twelve campaign. it was a negative week in a week they should have been putting out a single positive message about the economy and growing and creating jobs. they didn't do it. >> i want to shift to the autopsy in a minute, but, doug, overseas and syria and news today that the opposition leader has stepped down, a lot of republican lawmakers are coming out and saying the president is partly to blame for not being more supportive of the opposition. how much of a problem is this? >> this is a huge long-term problem. we have to knowledge that the
2:34 pm
president, by reaffirming his ties with israel making it clear there was a clear red line, and he had done himself and america good. that being said, the longer term problems you speak of remain strong. chemical weapons were used, we believe, in syria last week. we don't know who used them. we strongly suspect the government of president assad, the israelis think, and we will not allow it. we do not have a plan to back the opposition. the opposition is in chaos and even worse. the opposition has elements of al qaeda in it. we really don't have a clear sense as to how we will resolve things with iran so longer term, the middle east is a powder keg. >> do you want to weigh in? >> i agree, the president had a good trip and brought turkey and israeli fight over the boat, they all made nice. that was good. but syria is blowing up and it
2:35 pm
is not just al qaeda it is hezbollah and hamas are in there. ncouragement ofypt, we had the muslim brotherhood presidency which more and more we find out, it has been an effort to undermine everything in the middle east, and of course iran and that problem is not going away. the president has made a bold move in the middle east and i think in terms of these we countries silt not working. >> let me say about the chemical weapons he had the head of the intelligence committee saying it appears they used, the syrian government, syrian weapons outside aleppo, i think it was. the president, in israel, at a press conference, said he didn't think they did use it. now, the intelligence committee, and the chairman, he is get that from the obama executive branch. someone is telling them one thing and the president is saying something else. they need to get their act in
2:36 pm
gear. >> the republicans put together, some of them, a report that they called an autopsy, why they called it an autopsy i have no idea but that is the word they used, 100-page report saying certain positions on social issues, gentleman, are turning off young voters from the party. many young voters see these meters as some of the civil rights issues of our time. >> that is certainly true but this report didn't provide a clear direction for the republican party nor a clear analysis of what specifically went wrong. there was not a clear agenda to revitalize the economy and economic growth and fix an economy that is wobbly. the only real difference that the, at cpac was pat caddell who spoke truth to power about what would be in the report and what the republicans are doing. >> let me say something about what pat said because he will not toot his own horn but he was
2:37 pm
the only speaker whose speech has not been posted online by the guys that run cpac. >> i watched it online today. >> it has gone viral. >> that is the not the official version and the reason is what pat said a week ago friday. >> what was the message? >> the problem with the autopsy, which, by the way, is...this was what the jerusalem post said in a scandal newsreel, all are guilty but none are responsible. we have no message. meanwhile there was no explanation of the strategic failures, the real tactical failures. the point i made the special with my good friend doug schoen, is the corrupt arrangement between the consultants and the money making which was a disaster. >> $150 million, pat? >> up to $200 million, just to the chive of staff and the
2:38 pm
political director out of hundreds of millions misspent, almost a million, none of that is in the report. all the report says, we just do better. we will beat up up on ourselves but no one is held responsible and until the republican party, they had 58 percent negative rating in the pew poll, the lowest, ever, the worst rating ever, until they decide to deal with truth first and then figure out how they make an appeal to americans, as i said, they will will be weak. >> when the tea party came to prominence a lot of people in the mainstream media predicted this split, this civil war in the republican party and a lot of people said, no, that is just the mainstream media, but is it now now a reality? >> there are a couple of civil wars, including on the issues them selfs? do we come out in favor of gay marriage, that, over the next few years will be the law of the
2:39 pm
land. >> don't tell tony perkins because today he was on a sunday show and he basically said that if the republican party starts to become more moderate on these social issues like gay marriage and this is the text of what he said, evangelicals will it is the elections out come completely or move to create a third party. >> lot of them sat out this past election. >> they already have -- these -- look at the agenda everyone is talking about. immigration is not unserious, i agree, but gay marriage, all this stuff, nothing about the economy. nothing that affects peoples lives. they do nut have a message. the deals of ordinary americans right now, they are paying a huge price. >> pat is right we have three parties, the party. bundlers and big donors, we have the establishment country club republicans and as john said, the tea party. they do not get along l is no message. pat is right. highest negative of all time,
2:40 pm
bottom line the only thing that president obama and the democrats have going for them is the republicans. >> but they not just better off. >> there are new signs this week that hillary clinton may want to consider running for president in 2016. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try.
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>>heather: the marines identifying the gunman behind the deadly shootout that happened at the base in quantico , virginia, a 25-year-old instructor, authorities say three gunned down two colleagues, one male and one female need a barracks before taking his own life. no word, yet, on a possible motive. >> former pakistani president musharraf is back in pakistan and considering possible political come back in
2:45 pm
self-imposed exile since resigning four years ago afternoon ago the chinese military holding a live fire missile drill over the weekend testing a new weapons system improved anti-aircraft missile defenses allowing radar to better lock on to targets. rick: task you, heather. official secretary of state, hillary clinton, is leading the pack among the top contenders for the white house in 2016. of florida voters if the election was held today, former secretary of state hillary clinton would beat out rising tar marco rubio and look at this, she would also beat former florida governor jeb bush in that state. these are florida voters being polled. the question remains, will she or will she not run? joining us again, our political insiders. >> she would not just beat them
2:46 pm
but clobber them. >> they are getting the base republican vote. for her to beat a popular ex-governor and a rising star, marco rubio is extraordinary news. i have been around politics and i don't have any inside news but i know this, when people are the frontrunner if their party, the prohibitive likely nominee well ahead of the leading republican challengers, the chance they don't run is very low. you have heard it here first we predict,ry predict, she will run for president in 2016. >> rubio and jeb bush are thought of as two of the brightest stars in the republican party. >> bush is the great institution in florida. the notion he could be behind by 11 points and that is stunning. he has problems but explains the problems in part with the
2:47 pm
republicans in their broad appeal and at the same time let me say this, the democrats are going to inherit all of this obamacare, hillary clinton is out of the main spotlight the benghazi thing is not quite over with, but, also, we will see what happens. >> does it help to be out of the spotlight? >> you better believe it. 57 people voting to sustain not having white house tours? >> i am just saying the democrats, in general, they have many problems to exploit and they have real divisions but they overshadowed by the republican failure. >> to show you how weak the republicans have commodity, you put the poll up and think back to november 6, obama against romney in florida and romney a terrible candidate, and he got, he lost by less than two points in florida.
2:48 pm
here she is, winning by 11 points over jeb bush, much more popular in florida than romney has ever been so that tells us it is very much pro hillary clinton and antirepublican and a little antibush but the republicans, the brand, we use the guy's name in the first section, the executive director of the pew poll which is a respected poll, said that the g.o.p. brand is on the verge of being marginalized. if that happens, how do you recover? i don't know. >> if that happens and they cannot do this we will get another party in the country because the democrats are unpopular too. there is a 70's percent, we all talked about this, antiwashington, antipolitical party. someone will fill the void. if the republicans don't do it someone will. >> hillary clinton has to stay as far outside the mainstream of washington, dc, infighting, as possible so resign when slow did
2:49 pm
was a well timed act, and pat is right: the dominant force in america is none of the above. the desire for change is huge. the desire for compromise and conciliation, to resolve our first school problems is all pervasive. people want change. they want alternatives. they are sick and tired of the status quo the. >> why would they go back to a name, clinton, or a name, public, that was in the news for the last 20 years? >> because hillary clinton over the years has really gotten a positive image. there has been little negative about her. look how popular bill clinton was. the clinton name is better than the bush name. people remember the clinton economy was a great economy. under both bushes, not so great. the question is, whether or not what is happening to america in its future, when no one can
2:50 pm
control that, ross perot was at one point winning the polls in that year and the country was prepare toddle elect him. i am telling you, we have now great distrust, greater anger, and marginalization, and no one is speaking to it. if someone does --. >> i think president obama was elected in 2008 and 2012 to be the change agent to change the country. >> he has failed. >> he's fail and that is why people are disappointed. >> gentleman, i love to get the insight from you. it is fascinating, three of the smartest guys in the business, john, pat and doug. >> you can get more from the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. >> got a second? >> best political strategists of
2:51 pm
our time, our boss, the ultimate political insider. >> brand new book. >>heather: always time to promote that book of roger ailes? >> could look and feel like winter across the country but this spring could end up being the worst allergy season ever with some strategies to provide the sneezing and watery eyes, that is up next. what are you doing?
2:52 pm
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>> it is almost enough to make you wish that winter would go away, the spring is expected to be the worst allergy seasons. ever. >>heather: why is this happening? how can you protect yourself from all the sneezeing and stiff felling. we have a private we practice sis physician who joins us with more. >> we do this story afternoon eachry single year but this allergy season is expected to be the worst. is it media hype or really legitimate? >> first of all the groundhog, punxsutawney phil is on trial and being tried for the death penalty for maliciously fooling the american people. the statement that spring would come six weeks ago but colorado had 1.5' and we expect a snow
2:56 pm
storm tomorrow in the northeast. >>heather: will that make the spring allergy season worse because of this extended winter in. >>guest: the allergy season will start 14 daze earlier and will last 30 day longer so if you suffer from allergies you will have to go into october before they see any relief. what is the reason for this? the experts are state that although it is cold now when the spring does finally settle in the warmer weather because of global warming and the increase in carbon dioxide due to pollution and industrialization will cause a more intense pollen spreading as well as a longer season. >> is there anything people can do? if you have bad allergies, you are miserable. >> seasonal allergies, or hay fever or nasal allergies, that is caused by the trees dropping
2:57 pm
pollen, and grass and weed pollen. what happens, they release billions of billions of spores that travel far distances. they land on people's noses and they can enter your lungs. people with allergies to the pollen spores treat it, the body, releases chemicals to fight it and it causes the symptoms, the watery eyes and coughing. your body is trying to expel this material. with the increased precipitation from the snow and the rain combined with the warmer weather and the increasing carbon dioxide it makes it ripe for the trees to flower. >>heather: changes in diet or medication, what is best? >> there are a few things. reduce your exposure to allogenics by way are large sunglasses to protect your eyes. look like a movie star. wear the large brimmed hats to protect your hair and eyes and
2:58 pm
consider exercising indoors particularly during midday and the afternoon times. the other thing is, take extra precautions when the pollen counsels are high. how do you know end the counts are high? you can check on the internet with webs that have pollen forecasts. also, the newspaper and radio will give you pollen forecasts. when this happens, people who do have allergies start taking their medications earlier, take your nasal spray, your steroids, your oral medications. rick: thank you, doctor, a fellow south jersey friend. >>heather: i will see you back here at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> happy passover, everyone, if you celebrate.
2:59 pm